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Divorce rates “back at 1970s levels”

Date: December 20, 2012

Press Release from The Marriage Foundation
For immediate release Date: Thursday 20th December, 2012
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Divorce rates “back at 1970s levels”

Responding to release of the latest divorce figures from the Office for National Statistics, Harry Benson, Communications Director of the Marriage Foundation, said this:

“The longer term trend in divorce rates remains downwards. After peaking in the 1990s, divorce rates are very definitely back at 1970s levels. This has nothing to do with fewer people getting married and everything to do with the way couples who do get married are taking it increasingly seriously. Divorces initiated by women in the first few years of marriage have fallen by as much as half, according to our Marriage Foundation report issued in September.

“Even though divorce makes us focus on the vulnerability of marriages, we must not forget that getting married remains by far the best guarantee of a successful relationship. Married for life remains the norm. Successful unmarriage is the exception.

“The good news is that the skills needed for a successful married or unmarried relationship can be learnt. Marriage and relationship courses improve relationship quality and help couples stay together. Marriage Foundation aims to become the first port of call to help couples access these superb courses around the country.

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The Marriage Foundation was founded by Sir Paul Coleridge, a High Court Judge, moved by his personal experience in 30 years as a barrister specialising in family law. The Foundation engages in evidence-based research and campaigning to demonstrate the benefits of marriage.

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