Marriage Foundation/Sunday Times debate:”Is there a difference between marriage and cohabitation?”

Is there a difference between marriage and cohabitation? Marriage Foundation and the Sunday Times jointly hosted debate at the News Building on January 8th, entitled, “Is there a difference between marriage and cohabitation: should all cohabiting couples be treated the same?”. The debate was chaired by John Humphrys from BBC Radio 4’s Today programme. Speakers […]

Q: How many children won’t be with both their birth parents this Christmas? A: Over 4 million

A new report from the Marriage Foundation today shows that one in three children will spend this Christmas without both parents. Fifty years ago, only one in ten children missed out on Christmas with both parents. Many more would have had to put up with squabbling parents who remained together. Back then, almost all parents […]

Better and better off apart: Whither the new ‘family test’?

In August, Prime Minister David Cameron announced the introduction of a ‘family test’ on all government policies. This initiative, formally launched in October, was widely welcomed by relationship organisations including Marriage Foundation. As an example of “policy decisions which take no account of the family and sometimes make these things worse”, Mr Cameron specifically highlighted […]