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Date nights make for longer-lasting relationships – but only if you’re married

PRESS RELEASE FROM MARRIAGE FOUNDATION Marriage Foundation research finds couples who go on occasional date nights have 14 per cent lower odds of their relationship breaking down – but only among those who are married. Made famous by high-profile fans such as US President Barack Obama and former UK Prime Minister David Cameron, d

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Proof that monthly date nights work … but only if you’re married!

I’m not sure I’d be taking marriage advice from Katie Price. But according to a recent interview, one thing she swears by is the idea of a “date night” to keep her third marriage on track. Relationship commentators and marriage educators agree. Google the words “Read more

Brangelina: Why celebs don’t have it all

(You can listen to my interview with BBC World Service on this subject here Its probably the most common rebuttal I hear when I mention how married couples tend to do so much better than unmarried couples. "It's not marriage, its money." There's an element of truth to this. Money makes it easier for couples to stay together. More money means not having to negotiate with your loved one every tim

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Michael Phelps & Nicole Johnson

Phelps After winning 23 gold medals over the course of several Olympic Games, it's now time for the American competitive swimmer, and the most decorated Olympian of all time, Michael Phelps to focus on another monumental chapter in his life: getting married to his Fiancée Nicole Johnson. Phelps met the former Miss Ca

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