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Government under pressure to back marriage as cost of family breakdown hits £51 billion


Date: 29 January 2018

Government under pressure to back marriage as cost of family breakdown hits £51 billion

Family support minister Kit Malthouse will face questioning today by MPs (Tuesday 30th) over the Government’s failure to back marriage as the best structure for stable families.

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Get married to keep kids off benefits, finds new report

British adults whose parents were married at the time of their birth were 16 per cent less likely to ever receive benefits, a new study by Marriage Foundation has found. They were also 23 percent more likely to have been to university and 10 percent more likely to have got married themselves. Although overall adults from a privileged background were less likely to go on benefits, the protection of social class only appears to apply if their parents were married at the time of their birth.

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Rich kids on benefits?

One of the most common critiques of the supposed advantages of marriage is that married adults and their children only do better because of their education and money. It's not marriage that conveys the advantages of life. It's just that those who are better educated are more likely to get married. They then go on to make a success of their family and avoid many of the pitfalls. It's a 'mistake' to attribute this to marriage when really it's all about education and money. Alas this 'selecti

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Divorce day: the grain of truth behind the hype

It comes up every year. January is supposedly the month when lawyers and counsellors say they get more new enquiries than in any other month. And the first working Monday of the year, today, is supposedly “divorce day” - the busiest day of the year. But is there any truth to this or is it merely an "over-hyped" and "irresponsible" attempt to tout for business – as lawyer Jo Edwards claims. Read more

Hopelessly unhappy? Drifting apart? Before you give up hope for your marriage, read this …

I know. Maybe your marriage is a mess. It's drifting, it's become functional, it's lost the love and it's not what you dreamed. In short it needs a kick up the backside. Maybe you've even finally decided it's over. At last you've summoned up the courage to call it a day. But before you give up that last flake of hope, or book that appointment with a la

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