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Advisory Board

The Marriage Foundation has an Advisory Board of experts, spread over a range of disciplines, who kindly give up their time to brainstorm ideas, give advice from different perspectives and critically examine our programme of work. This greatly helps us plan effective ways of achieving our aims. The members of the Advisory Board are:


Sarah Abell was the Telegraph’s relationships expert until May 2011. She currently works as a life and relationships coach helping individuals and couples. Her book 'Inside Out: How to have authentic relationships with everyone in your life' was published in 2011.



Edmund P Adamus is Professional Adviser to the Episcopal Vicar for Education in the Diocese of Portsmouth. He previously worked as the Director for Marriage and Family Life Archdiocese of Westminster expanding the field of marriage preparation, marriage enrichment and the provision of remedial support for troubled and broken marriages. From 2007-2012 he established and managed the St.John Southworth Fund awarding several million pounds to alleviate poverty and deprivation across London. In 2011 Edmund was a co-recipient with Philip Blond (Founder of the Res Publica Think Tank) of the 2011 Family Values Award. He has developed two new resources; “As I Have Loved You” & “Sexuality Explained” to aid parents in their indispensable duty to provide formation at home for children in human sexuality.



Rehna Azim is a barrister practising in family law specialising in child care law acting for a range of local authority and guardian/parent instructed solicitors. Rehna is also a writer and freelance journalist. She is currently making a series of short films about family law.



Catherine Barker is Project Director for FASTN, The Family Stability Network, a community of not-for-profit organisations who are determined to create a culture change in attitudes to and behaviour in relationships, enabling more children to grow up safe, secure and nurtured by both parents.



Pamela Collis is a solicitor consultant at Family Law in Partnership in Covent Garden, London.



Chris Ford is the former CEO of Explore - an educational charity whose purpose is to enable school and college students and other young people to explore issues concerning long-term relationships and marriage through the unique opportunity of interface dialogue with married couples about their own experience of marriage.  He continues to be a strong champion of marriage for couples and for society as a whole.



Rachel Gardner is a youthworker and the founder of Romance Academy, a Positive Relationships Education charity that equips vulnerable young people with the tools to build stable relationships. She has written books for teenagers, 'Cherished' and 'Rise' and her new book is 'The Dating Dilemma'.



Katharine Hill is UK Director for the charity Care for the Family. She was previously a family law solicitor. and is an established author who speaks and writes widely on family issues.



Deborah Jeff is head of the Family Department and a partner at the law firm Seddons.



Nola Leach is CEO of CARE, a charity providing resources and helping to bring Christian insight and experience to matters of public policy and practical caring initiatives. For the past 40 years CARE has produced research to support the fact that healthy marriages provide the basis for a stable society.



Nicky and Sila Lee are the founders of Relationships Central and over the past 25 years have developed and produced resources to help support family life, like the Marriage Course, the Marriage Preparation Course, the Parenting Children course and the Parenting Teenagers course.



Mark Molden is Chief Executive of Marriage Care. Founded in 1946, Marriage Care helps couples and individuals to build and sustain strong, fulfilling healthy relationships, as well as providing counselling support in times of relationship difficulty.


M. Hyde MF website

Michaela Hyde is the UK coordinator for National Marriage Week, she also works as a local development officer for Explore, an educational charity whose purpose is to enable school and college students to explore issues concerning long-term relationships and marriage.



Dave Percival, and his wife Liz, are the founders of 2-in-2-1, an organisation dedicated to promoting access to the very best resources and services in building secure relationships. They are also trustees of Anglican Marriage Encounter, and are involved in a variety of relationships charities. Dave is also a Chartered Director and Chartered Engineer.



Philippa Taylor has worked as an independent consultant on family and bioethics issues for the past 20 years, predominantly for the charity CARE. Alongside her consultancy work, she is Head of Public Policy at the Christian Medical Fellowship.


Frank Young

Frank Young works as Head of the Family Policy Unit at the Centre for Social Justice. Before joining the CSJ in 2015 Frank worked for a leading public affairs agency, where he worked with major clients to promote large strategic infrastructure projects. Prior to that he spent seven years working for the Conservative Party managing high profile election campaigns.


Mark Daniel, along with his wife Christine, is a co-Director of FamilyLifeUK, the developers of the Toucan App. Prior to this Mark was a Sales Director in a number of IT and high tech companies, after having served as an Army Officer at various locations around the world.