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Marriage Foundation does not offer relationship counselling but there are many other organisations and individuals which offer practical advice at the outset of relationships and during times of difficulty.

 You can access support from organisations such as The Marriage CoursesRelate and Marriage Care, all of which operate national networks. Find help near you -- for The Marriage Courses (left), Relate (centre) and Marriage Care (right) -- by clicking on the images below and seeing what's available in your area:

One Plus One has a great resource called Couple Connection which is a "do it yourself" relationship support service, with articles, self-assessment tools and much more.

Counselling Directory is a comprehensive online database that helps you find qualified counsellors and psychotherapists near you.

Harry Benson's 'Top Tips'

Harry Benson   You can also read these letters from Harry Benson, our Research Director, which draw both on his personal life as well as his professional experience. Harry was founder and director of the charity Bristol Community Family Trust where he taught relationship courses. He is also the author and originator of Let’s Stick Together, a pioneering relationship book and programme.

Mend it, Don't end it: A personal letter from Harry Benson for people with marriage difficulties

Starting Well: A personal letter from Harry Benson for those thinking of getting married