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Paul Coleridge, Chairman of Marriage Foundation
box-5Sir Paul Coleridge was a High Court judge in the Family Court from 2000 to 2014. For the thirty years prior to that, he was a family law specialist barrister (Queens Counsel) with a practice in London and internationally. In 2012, Sir Paul founded Marriage Foundation as a response to the family destruction he had witnessed in the family courts and in order to provide a prominent voice in support of marriage in the public arena. In order to devote all his efforts to that, he resigned as a judge in 2014 so he could speak out more freely. Since 2008, Sir Paul has lectured and spoken to universities, political groups and charities on dozens of occasions in the UK, Europe and Australia on the subject of family life, family law and family breakdown. He has also spoken at Marriage Foundation conferences on family breakdown and related issues. He has been involved in numerous interviews and discussions on BBC radio and TV on family, legal and similar issues. Paul has been married for 44 years and has three adult married children and seven grandchildren. ([email protected])

Harry Benson, Research Director of Marriage Foundation

Harry BensonHarry Benson is one of Britain ’s leading champions for marriage. His research findings for Marriage Foundation are routinely cited in the media and by politicians and have made front page news on several occasions. Formerly one of the youngest Royal Navy helicopter pilots to serve in the  Falklands  war – about which he wrote the bestselling military history SCRAM – Harry has spent the last twenty years researching, writing and teaching about marriage and family. As founder of a  Bristol charity, he taught hundreds of relationship courses to thousands of couples, including ‘Let’s Stick Together’, a pioneering short programme for new parents evaluated by the Department for Education and delivered mainly through NHS post-natal clinics. He also co-authored influential family policy papers for the Centre for Social Justice. Harry considers his most recent book What Mums Want: And Dads Need To Know – co-authored with his wife Kate – as his most important yet. The book made #11 on Amazon and explains how their own back-from-the-brink experience demonstrates how marriages go wrong and what makes them go right. Harry and Kate live on a rural small holding, have been married 33 years, and have six teen and young adult children. Hopefully that means they are doing something right!  ([email protected] Press and media only can reach Harry on 07515 699 187)

Michaela Hyde, Project Director of Marriage Foundation
M. Hyde MF websiteMichaela is the Project Director for Marriage Foundation and Co-ordinator of the UK National Marriage Week. She is also a freelance media presenter and, over the years, her experience has included children’s TV, engineering shows for young people, being a health and wellness presenter and coach. Michaela has been a local development officer for the Explore charity which provides opportunities for young people to explore the realities of married relationships. Since joining the Marriage Foundation team, Michaela has appeared on BBC One’s Sunday Morning Live and been interviewed on several local BBC radio stations. Michaela has been married to Nick since 1999 and they have two teenage children. Whilst they’ve had their inevitable ups and downs, contrary to the popular belief that marriage is somehow an end to freedom, Michaela would describe her experience of marriage to be the exact opposite. Michaela believes that healthy marriages are fundamental to a stable society, offering the best life chances for children and that for marriages to work and last, they require regular care and investment by both partners. ([email protected] )

Michael Trend, Executive Director 

After studying at the University of Oxford Michael started work as a volunteer at Toynbee Hall in London's East End. Since then he has chiefly worked in journalism and politics. He held senior posts in the Times Literary Supplement and The Spectator and was the Editor of History Today and the parliamentary House Magazine.  He was the Chief Leader Writer of the Daily Telegraph when, in 1992, he was elected as the MP for Windsor.  For three years he was also the Deputy Chairman and Director General of the Conservative Party (1995-98). He stood down at the 2005 election. Michael has a strong interest in human rights: he was Vice-Chairman of the Westminster Foundation for Democracy and has led election delegations to Ukraine and Kyrgyzstan for the Washington-based International Republican Institute. He joined the Relationships Foundation as Executive Director in 2008. In 2012 Marriage Foundation began as a project of RF before becoming an independent charity in its own right. ([email protected])

John Ashcroft, Senior Adviser

John is Research Director of the Relationships Foundation. His time is split between identifying and developing new projects, managing ongoing research programmes and advising on strategy and direction. John's work has included consultancy and training for a wide range of  private, public and third sector organisations. He is the co-author of The Case for Interprofessional Collaboration (2005) and Relationships in the NHS: Bridging the Gap (2000). John continues to advise Marriage Foundation on identifying and developing new projects, helping tpo manageongoing research programmes and advising on strategy and direction. John holds a degree in theology from Oxford University and a Master of Theology from King's College, London. ([email protected])

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