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Q: How many children won’t be with both their birth parents this Christmas? A: Over 4 million

Date: December 18, 2014

A new report from the Marriage Foundation today shows that one in three children will spend this Christmas without both parents.

Fifty years ago, only one in ten children missed out on Christmas with both parents. Many more would have had to put up with squabbling parents who remained together. Back then, almost all parents got married before having children. The flip side was that it was difficult to end a bad relationship.

Today we’ve gone too far in the opposite direction. One in three children now miss out. While it’s right that there are fewer barriers and taboos to splitting up if the relationship is unhealthy, far too many parents never establish some plan for the future before having children in the first place. Four million children is far too many. For the sake of the next generation, we need to rediscover the importance of prior commitment before having children.

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