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Harry talks to GB News about why marriage makes a difference

“One often hears that couples stay together for the sake of children, not often that do it for the sake of each other” says Simon …

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Letter to the Times: Sir Paul Coleridge, 23 Dec 2021

FRAGMENTED FAMILIES Sir, Melanie Phillips’s excellent article (“Family fragmentation comes at a tragic cost”, Comment, Dec 21) could have been written after any of the …

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Should cohabiting couples have the same rights as married couples?

I’ve written about this subject before. But having just been to parliament to give evidence to the Women and Equalities Committee, it’s worth going over …

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Family friendly Hungary

I’ve been somewhat immersed in all things Hungary during the past few weeks. Last month, I was invited to an international conference on the family …

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The couple penalty: the perverse family policy that penalises commitment

In the budget this week, the Chancellor announced a couple of things that will benefit quite a lot of families in the short term. But …

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Impact and Legacy

After nine years as research director for Marriage Foundation, I decided I needed to boost our impact and legacy. If you’ve followed our work in …

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