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Supporters of marriage should back the new divorce law

New divorce laws will come into effect next year. In essence, all divorces should now take 6 months from application to final approval. Some worry …

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The future of marriage post-covid

Marriage rates will more than rebound after lockdown ends as couple reevaluate their lives. But will this be the start of a new uptrend? Marriage …

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Dad’s ‘Rules for Romance’

Photo Dad and Sizzle (different daughter to the story below!) I was sitting at my desk when one of my daughters came in with a …

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The ‘Two Year Rule’ that ends relationship lockdown

When we are finally released from house arrest and given our freedom back, one group of people can breathe a particular sigh of relief. Couples …

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Commit or Quit – The Two Year Rule and Other Rules for Romance

COMMIT OR QUIT – THE TWO YEAR RULE AND OTHER RULES FOR ROMANCE Harry Benson’s new book on cohabiting and commitment Available from Amazon of …

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Living with uncertainty

Now that we’re a few weeks into lockdown, I’ve been thinking a lot about how this pandemic might be affecting the way we do relationships …

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