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Falling divorce rates mean more intact families, new ONS stats show

Falling divorce means more intact families, says Harry Benson, Research Director for Marriage Foundation New ONS Families and Household data for 2019 are released today …

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Should you live together before you get married?

(Image by Niek Verlaan from Pixabay) Fiona Wade, an actress from the TV soap Emmerdale, got married last week. Nothing remarkable about that, except that she and …

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In one earner families with young children, 90% of the time it’s still dad that works and mum that stays at home

New data from the Office of National Statistics shows that three quarters of all mums work. However what the data also reveals is that when …

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Help us champion marriage for the good of society … especially our children

All of us want reliable love, a relationship that works, and children who turn out healthy and well. The research that we have produced over the …

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Happy wife, Happy life

It’s a well-known expression. But in an age of equality where men and women are equals, is it true? Does a happy wife really have …

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Foolish policy

How would you feel if your wife or husband woke up one morning and asked if you’d like to end your marriage and form a …

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