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Back to 1969: Lifetime divorce risk is now 35 per cent

It’s one of those assumptions that pops up with alarming regularity. ‘It’s terrible, isn’t it? Marriages are doing so badly. Surely you can’t really think …

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Do women choose and men decide?

Last month I wrote an article entitled ‘Men who marry are deciders not sliders’, where I showed that almost all of the fall in UK divorce rates since …

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Why Christians have nothing to fear from ‘no-fault’ divorce

It’s nearly twenty five years since my wife Kate confronted me about the state of our marriage. “Harry, you’re not the friend I need you …

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Men behaving well

In an era of #MeToo, bad behaviour by men is quite rightly under the microscope like never before. But it would be wrong to assume that …

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Can AI predict who splits up?

At first glance, it sounds appealing. Record a couple discussing a difficult issue for a few minutes, analyse the recording with the latest AI technology, …

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A nation divided … over marriage

It’s not just Brexit. Britain is also a nation divided over marriage. The better off marry and mostly stay together. The less well off don’t …

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