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Our Vision

We want to see fewer relationships breaking down and more people forming healthy stable relationships. This would mean fewer people being drawn into the family justice system not the 500,000 each year as now. Fewer children whose wellbeing and life chances are diminished. Fewer people experiencing the emotional pain and financial costs of broken relationships. And less cost to society not the current £44 billion each year.

We believe that marriage can help build more stable relationships, and that marriages can be strengthened and helped to survive difficult times.

That's why our mission is to be a national champion for marriage.


Why marriage?

Our case for marriage is based on pragmatic evaluation of the advantages for children, families, and the local and national community.

The richness and diversity of relationships, as well as differences between the people most likely to marry and those most likely to cohabit, preclude simplistic claims of cause and effect. But there is a significant difference in outcomes and the distinctive features of marriage are an important part of the reason.

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