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Not a cosy club for the smug and self-satisfied.

Date: November 4, 2011

Speaking at a recent meeting, Paul Coleridge said; “Marriage and family breakdown is one of the most destructive scourges of our time. For that reason, I have, for some years now, been trying to raise the subject whenever I have had the chance to speak publicly on the matter. What is striking is that whenever I have done so I have received high levels of support from all quarters of the public and also across most of the media.

“I am now convinced that it is time not only to talk but to act.  Waiting for government or others to take action is merely an excuse for moaning and inactivity. So for the past year, along with a group of committed supporters and the Relationships Foundation in Cambridge, I have been formulating plans for the establishment of The Marriage Foundation.

“This is not going to be a cosy club for the smug and self satisfied of middle England but, we hope, the start of a national movement with the aim of changing attitudes across the board from the very top to the bottom of society, and thus improve the lives of us all, especially children. A national trust in the true sense.”

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