Celebrities twice as likely to divorce as the rest of the married UK population

A new report from The Marriage Foundation finds that after 10 years of marriage the divorce rate for celebrities is 40 per cent. For the rest of the country, the figure is just 20 per cent over the same amount of time. The report, written by relationships expert Harry Benson and family law Barrister Rehna […]

Sunday Times article: ‘Divorce judge warns of Hello! curse’

Stars’ weddings are fuelling false expectations of marriage David Leppard Published: 18 November 2012 Sir Paul Coleridge has overseen many divorces (Francesco Guidicini) A SENIOR High Court judge has warned young people against viewing celebrities as role models while a study reveals that the marriages of superstars are twice as likely to end in divorce […]

New ONS statistics: Two out of three UK families are based on married couples

The publication of the statistical bulletin Families and Households, 2012 by the Office for National Statistics is welcome.  Now, for the first time, a series of figures from 1996 to 2012 is available for study and comment. The key finding of this updated national survey is: “In 2012 there were 18.2 million families in the […]

You heard it first from us!

At last! The case we have long been making is recognised in government policy. At the present rate, half of children born today will not be living with both their parents by the age of 16. This stark and alarming figure, with all the emotional and financial costs that go with it, is why we […]