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Cohabiting couples will account for half of all family breakdown in 2013

Despite accounting for only one in five parents, unmarried couples are set to overtake married couples as the main source of family breakdown by the end of 2013. Cohabiting couples make up only around 19 per cent of parents, according to Office for National Statistics (ONS) data. However in 2010, they accounted for 48 per cent of family breakdown cases. The wealth of data provided by the Understanding Society survey published this month has enabled the annual rate of family breakdown to be

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The Times article: “Children return to the nest with their partners in tow”

Rosemary Bennett   First it was grown-up children moving back in to the family home. Now there is a new threat to the peace of the empty nest.   The fastest-growing household is the "multi-family", in which offspring come home and bring their partner.   There are now 286,000 multi-family households in the UK, up 39 per cent on a decade ago. Student debts, soaring property prices and the difficulty in securing a mortgage all contribute to the new "boomerang-plus-o

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