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Curbing family breakdown could halve the deficit, finds new report

  • The Marriage Foundation launches its alternative Budget 2014 today
  • The report reveals four measures to halve the UK’s £46 billion spend on family breakdown, which the Chancellor is likely to have deemed inevitable expenditure
  • Proposals include putting a minister for families in the Cabinet and focusing the transferable tax allowance on newlywed couples
As George Osborne prepares for the 2014 Budget on Wednesday, he is likely to have ruled out t

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Marriage Foundation welcomes Professor Galena Rhoades

On Friday the Marriage Foundation welcomed Professor Galena Rhoades of the Center for Marital and Family Studies at the University of Denver for lunch and a talk about her recent research. The event was attended by specialists in relationships research and others who are active in the field. It was held at the London offices of Killik & Co. Sir Paul Coleridge with Professor Galena Rhoades and Harry Be

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