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Bleak prospects for teens who never marry, finds The Marriage Foundation

Overall, two thirds of women who get married and have children remain with the father for life. Among women who never marry, just one in ten will avoid splitting from their partner.

  • Far fewer 20 year olds are predicted to marry than the previous generation; only 52 per cent of 20 year olds compared to 68 per cent of 40 year olds.
  • Of the 48 per cent who will never marry, only 5 per cent will still be part of an intact couple by their child’s fifteenth birthday.
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Up to 1.8 million children endure family breakdown as trend away from marriage intensifies

Over the past 35 years, nearly two million more children have been born into families that are breaking down as a result of the trend away from marriage, Marriage Foundation has found. Since 1980, the proportion of children born to married couples has fallen from 88 per cent to 53 per cent. Over the same period family breakdown has increased by 44 per cent in England and Wales. Previous research by Marriage Foundation, the think tank dedicated to building stronger families, found that coup

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Sir Paul Coleridge: Father, give yourself a Fathers Day present that will last a lifetime!

It’s Fathers Day. If you’re an unmarried father reward yourself with the best Fathers Day present you could ever have – Marry the mother of your child(ren)….. (or at least propose to her). That is a gift which will last a lifetime. But why? Because as you, and your unmarried partner, have arranged your lives thus far, you are both running the most enormous risk. Indeed the chances of the risk becoming reality are so great that the odds are stacked

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The Sunday Times: Marshmallow or marriage? The greatest test of a human being

It’s tempting to think of marriage as old-fashioned. Why not just live with someone and be done with it? What need for a public ceremony? Why the weird traditions that people normally keep away from: all those churches, temples, hymns, vows and prayers? Marriage must be a silly relic from the religious childhood of humankind, not designed for the more logical modern world. Yet it survives. All kinds of practical benefits seem associated with being married. A University of California study s

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