Cabinet MPs’ constituents back marriage – so will it be in the Tory manifesto?

  PRESS RELEASE FROM MARRIAGE FOUNDATION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE New Marriage Foundation data has shown that 25 out of 26 of the Cabinet MPs’ constituencies back marriage as the best family structure to raise children. In almost all of the constituencies represented by Theresa May’s Cabinet, the majority of constituents with dependent children have chosen […]

Keeping up with the Middletons: marriage is infectious within communities, finds Marriage Foundation

PRESS RELEASE FROM MARRIAGE FOUNDATION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE The type of neighbourhood you live in has a direct impact on whether you chose to marry, the Marriage Foundation has found. In prosperous areas, not only are rich people more likely to be married, the poorer people living there are also likely to have followed suit […]

Marriage Foundation 2017 Election Manifesto

  Family breakdown lies at the heart of most of the social problems in society and costs the nation £48bn a year. It is a scourge on our national life and a human tragedy for those involved particularly the children. Over the next five years government needs to implement unambiguous policies aimed at achieving more […]