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STOP signs: Clues to what really went wrong in the Owens marriage

(photo credit PA) Embarrassing details of the marriage between Hugh and Tini Owens have now been splashed all over our papers and news. After many years of marriage, Mrs Owens wants a divorce, citing the unreasonable behaviour of Mr Owens as the required 'fact'. However three levels of courts, including most recently the Supreme Co

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The government’s feeble policy on strengthening families

What is the government doing to strengthen families? Given that providing support for families that have broken down costs £51 billion per year at last count, that around 45 per cent of all teens are not living with both natural parents, and that Britain has the worst family instability in the entire developed world, a determined and coherent policy to strengthen families would seem somewhat urgent. Well, now we know, thanks to the Read more

Cost of family breakdown

Amicable or acrimonious, civilised or conflicted, cooperative or combative, whatever form it takes family breakdown was never the dream. Family always begins with an act of love. Family breakdown always ends in a failure of love. When love fails, there is always an emotional cost, whether to the parents or the children or those outside the immediate family or all of the above. Some cope better than others. But one way or another, all of us end up picking up the pieces as we help families sort

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