So much for the ‘divorce boom’

Today’s release by the Ministry of Justice shows new divorce petitions were UP by just 5 per cent during the final quarter of 2020, compared to a year earlier. However, overall divorce starts for 2020 were DOWN 6 per cent compared to 2019. The more excitable divorce lawyers will claim this as vindication for a […]

Marriages thriving during lockdown

Don’t believe the narrative that lockdown has been dreadful for all and that a divorce boom is on its way. It hasn’t and isn’t. While being very aware that some couples have found lockdown extremely tough … Most marriages did well during Lockdown#1 Cohab dads did well BUT cohab mums struggled There will be NO […]

Divorce boom? No chance

According to media reports, marriages are cracking under the strain of lockdown and divorce rates are soaring. In August, Mailonline reported a divorce boom in the US. In September BBC news reported a divorce boom in the UK. Read between the lines though and you should start to smell a rat. Mailonline’s US claim was […]