Why the act of marriage makes a difference

This is one of several talks I gave in Prague in February 2022 to celebrate Czech marriage week (reading time 10 minutes) It would be easy to think that marriage is on the way out. Indeed many prominent commentators think exactly that. After all, marriage rates have been falling across the developed world since the […]

It’s Marriage Week: 10-16 May 2021

Naked Marriage #Marriageweek 10th – 16th May 2021 marriage-week.org.uk What’s happening? This year’s annual, week-long Marriage Week celebration and campaign is all about the essential, pared-back, ‘unmasked’, ‘reduced-packaging’ marriage and wedding!  This is what we are calling ‘Naked Marriage’. 2020 was a year of cancelled events, cancelled holidays, cancelled celebrations and a whole host of […]

HUNGARY for marriage

Read Harry’s May newsletter here Hungary’s marriage rates have soared 72% in five years since 2014. I interviewed Hungary’s families minister Katalin Novak to find out why. It’s not just financial incentives, she says. It’s public support for marriage. Also in our May newsletter The Sewell Report on racism quite rightly says we should not […]