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Family breakdown linked to mental health problems in teens

It shouldn't be contentious. Yet somehow it is. You might imagine that the way our parents behave towards each other and how they behave towards us ought to be a major factor in how we develop as teenagers. After all, our parents are the most important people in our lives. We see them at close range more than we see anybody else. They are the people who made us, who care for us most, who act as primary role models for us, who spend most time with us, and who we want most to love us. So it

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Press Release – Family breakdown top cause of poor child mental health

PRESS RELEASE FROM MARRIAGE FOUNDATION Date: 17 November 2017  Family breakdown top cause of poor child mental health, new report finds Family breakdown is the biggest factor behind the UK’s child mental health crisis, a new Marriage Foundation report has found. More than a third of (36 per cent) children whose parents had split up reported poor mental health, compared to only a fifth (22 per cent) with parents who were still together. The Marriage Foundati

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Reforming Family Law: Why Marriage Foundation has been campaigning for full scale Family law reform since launch

November 2017 The laws and statutes which govern the formation and termination of stable, long term relationships and the consequences on their termination are no longer fit for purpose. This briefing sets out the background to some of the issues that are currently being raised and how our concern to champion marriage can be furthered by the reform of family law. Drawing on Sir Paul Coleridge’s experience of how family law works (or doesn’t work) in practice, gained over more than 40 year

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Maybe, just maybe, the tide is turning back to marriage

For the last few years, it's become apparent that the trend away from marriage has at least paused, if not necessarily stopped. We have seen this in the population data - how many married or unmarried parents there are - and in the birth data - how many births to married and unmarried parents there are. But the latest population stats suggest the tide may a

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Tide turns for marriage as latest figures show uptick in couples tying the knot

MEDIA STATEMENT FROM MARRIAGE FOUNDATION FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   Tide turns for marriage as latest figures show uptick in couples tying the knot The latest ONS figures on families and household statistics for England & Wales show marriage rates are up after a long period of decline. Amon

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