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Marriage Foundation (registered charity No 1150453) was launched in May 2012 by Sir Paul Coleridge. After 14 years as a High Court Judge in the Family Court and 30 years as a family law specialist barrister he stepped down from the bench in order to devote his time to the Foundation and especially to confront the scourge of family breakdown by championing long-lasting, stable relationships within marriage. The prime purpose of Marriage Foundation is to see more people forming healthy stable relationships and fewer relationships breaking down. If this can be achieved:

  • fewer people would be drawn into the family justice system – not the 500,000 each year as now
  • fewer children would experience their wellbeing and life chances being diminished
  • fewer families would experience the emotional pain and financial costs of broken relationships
  • there would be a reduction in the financial cost too – not the current £48bn being spent each year. 

By undertaking, publishing and publicly discussing ground-breaking research Marriage Foundation is heightening public, media and government understanding of the scale of this national tragedy and its causes. Wherever it has the opportunity Marriage Foundation also advocates effective remedies and signposts people to them.

Marriage Foundation seeks to influence the way people think about their relational choices. It refutes and tackles the myths that persuade too many people that marriage is ‘just a piece of paper’ and advances the uncontroversial and positive case that the commitment inherent in getting married provides the most durable arrangement for couples and so also for their children.

Marriage Foundation organises high-level meetings and conferences and engages in specialist projects with a variety of partners working in the relationship sector. Key to its success has been the authoritative reputation it has established in the public mind through the regular production of its research which is eagerly embraced by all sections of the media. These research articles provide the vehicle for Marriage Foundation to promote its core messages widely namely that the intentional, public commitment to become a couple for the indefinite future offers the best chance of stability for families. This, in the end, is what marriage represents and is about. There may be other relationship models but marriage is “the gold standard” for couples and their children.

Lord Sacks, former Chief Rabbi, speaking at the launch of Marriage Foundation said:
“The greatest way of endowing our children with happiness is to give them the opportunity to form a stable and loving relationship with the two people who brought them into being. Anyone who thinks that cohabitation without marriage can have the same effect is, I am afraid, wrong.

Some do but most do not and I don’t think we should take that risk with our children who never asked to be born, but, having been brought into this world, deserve us to make that act of commitment to be there for them as they are growing up. I wish every blessing to Marriage Foundation. Its success will send blessing to many, many lives.”