Happy wife, Happy life

It’s a well-known expression. But in an age of equality where men and women are equals, is it true? Does a happy wife really have more influence on a family’s well-being than a happy husband? Previous research has suggested this might be the case. Separate studies have shown that happy wives tend to influence their […]

Does marriage really get worse over time?

Ever since the 1930s, conventional wisdom among researchers has been that marriage tends to start off looking good and then gradually deteriorates over time. Although most studies have followed couples over the first few years of marriage, a handful of studies have covered as long as forty years. Nonetheless the overall conclusion has been clear. The longer marriages […]

Muslim women have winning recipe for relationship success

PRESS RELEASE FROM MARRIAGE FOUNDATION Great British Bake Off winner Nadiya Hussain stunned the programme’s contemporary audience with her traditional views on family and her pride in her role providing for her husband and children. Despite her husband being chosen for her by her parents, Nadiya chose to renew her vows to her husband in […]