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A really good news story to begin 2019

One of the issues we've tried to address at Marriage Foundation is to find out the scale of family breakdown. A few years back, we addressed this by analysing data from 2010 in a big national survey called Understanding Society. From this, we worked out that 45 per cent of all teens were not living with both natural parents. I still think this is one of the most shocking statistics we've produced. We've tended

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Bad news for divorce lawyers

PRESS RELEASE FROM MARRIAGE FOUNDATION / RHODA HARDIE PR: 27 DECEMBER 2018 ** UNDER EMBARGO UNTIL 00.01AM SATURDAY 29 DECEMBER 2018 ** Bad news for divorce lawyers, good news for teens as more parents face children’s teenage years together   Traditionally, January has seen a spike in the number of couples deciding to end their marriage, following a stressful festive period. However, new research released today suggest that this month could be quieter for divo

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In praise of lone parents

When Marriage Foundation was first launched in 2012, I was invited on to ITV’s This Morning show, whereupon I was ambushed by their agony aunt, the late Denise Robertson. She was fuming as she talked about women she knew who had been divorced against their will. “What do you think it's going to do to those women to be told their children's life chances are ebbing way?" she thundered, reading a quote she had taken from our website. Read more