Celebrity Divorce: First and Second Marriages

Celebrities, their relationships and extravagant Hello magazine weddings attract huge public and media interest. But in terms of stability, celebrities are poor role models.

I have updated and expanded our database of 484 A-list couples who married between 2001 and 2010 to calculate divorce rates overall, among first and subsequent marriages, and among celebrities by category, whether stars of screen, music, or sports/other.

I find that the overall divorce rate for celebrities during their first 16 years of marriage is 52%, compared to 31% for the UK population as a whole.

Celebrity first marriages fare worse than subsequent marriages with 57% versus 47% ending in divorce within 16 years, compared to 35% and 28% respectively for UK

The highest divorce rates of all are found among musicians with an overall divorce rate of 60%, ranging from 69% for first marriages to 51% for second marriages. Screen stars fare marginally better, divorcing at an overall rate of 52%. Sporting and other celebrity marriages fare best at 39%, though this is still substantially worse than the rest of us.



Here you can download the Research Briefing Paper as a PDF and the Press Release where it is available.

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