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Establishing the facts about family breakdown
transforming the debate about marriage

In the first six years of Marriage Foundation we have focused on establishing the reality of family stability and instability: what actually happens to couples and their children, who stays together and who splits up.  This is transforming the debate about marriage which, previously, had been obscured by myths and misconceptions.

Briefing Paper

This briefing note draws together our most significant findings to date.

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Parents in lockdown – Why have cohabiting mums suffered so much?

How have relationships REALLY fared during lockdown? Our brand new analysis of a June questionnaire (pp 83-85, 90) completed by 2,559 parents for the national …

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Long term cohabiters much less likely to say ‘I do’

We launch our Marriage Week campaign, and the publication of the book Commit or Quit – The Two Year Rule and Other Rules for Romance, …

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divorce rate

UK has the fastest fall in divorce rates across Europe

New research by Marriage Foundation shows divorce rates in the first 15 years of marriage are falling across Europe – and the UK is leading …

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How long does the average marriage last?

Using the same method used by Office for National Statistics (ONS) – but adjusting for the significant number of UK couples who marry overseas – …

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one earner

One earner families

Despite significant policy efforts to encourage both parents into work, our analysis of new ONS data shows little reduction in one earner families across the …

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Happy Wife Happy Life

New analysis of data from up to 13,000 UK families show that a mum’s level of happiness has a direct effect on her children’s mental …

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