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Establishing the facts about family breakdown
transforming the debate about marriage

In the first six years of Marriage Foundation we have focused on establishing the reality of family stability and instability: what actually happens to couples and their children, who stays together and who splits up.  This is transforming the debate about marriage which, previously, had been obscured by myths and misconceptions.

Briefing Paper

This briefing note draws together our most significant findings to date.

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Actual divorce rates down by half

UK divorce rates among newlyweds have dropped to their lowest levels in thirty years, new analysis has found. The proportion of couples divorcing after three …

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Mummy’s Boys, Daddy’s Girls and Teenage Mental Health

Mummy’s boys may be the butt of jokes and subject to name-calling, but they actually fare better in roughing out the challenges of teenage life …

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Seddons / Populus Polling for Marriage Week 2018

More men in the UK are holding out ‘to meet the right person’ before getting married than women, a new survey published today revealed. Thirty-five …

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Family planning

Couples who plan their first pregnancy have a higher chance of staying together long-term than those who do not, a new study from Marriage Foundation …

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The long term effects of marriage on social mobility

British adults whose parents were married at the time of their birth were 16 per cent less likely to ever receive benefits, a new study …

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Cost of Family Breakdown

Government under pressure to back marriage as cost of family breakdown hits £51 billion Family support minister Kit Malthouse will face questioning today by MPs …

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