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Establishing the facts about family breakdown
transforming the debate about marriage

In the first six years of Marriage Foundation we have focused on establishing the reality of family stability and instability: what actually happens to couples and their children, who stays together and who splits up.  This is transforming the debate about marriage which, previously, had been obscured by myths and misconceptions.

Briefing Paper

This briefing note draws together our most significant findings to date.

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Family breakdown has a major influence on teen mental health

Family breakdown is the biggest factor behind the UK’s child mental health crisis, a new Marriage Foundation report has found. More than a third of …

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“Marriage-rich” cabinet need to back marriage

New Marriage Foundation data has shown that 25 out of 26 of the Cabinet MPs’ constituencies back marriage as the best family structure to raise children. …

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Keeping up with the neighbours: the influence of local wealth and faith on marriage

The type of neighbourhood you live in has a direct impact on whether you chose to marry, the Marriage Foundation has found. In prosperous areas, …

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Annual family breakdown in the UK

Cohabiting couples now account for over half of family breakdown despite making up only a fifth of parents, a report by Marriage Foundation has found. Previous Marriage …

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Kindness – What mothers want (and dads need to know)

A new survey of 291 mothers reveals that most mothers still tend to take responsibility for the majority of the childcare and domestic chores. More than …

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Couples on the brink

New Marriage Foundation research reveals the majority of couples who are unhappy when their first child is born are happy ten years later if they stay together. …

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