Marriages thriving during lockdown

Don’t believe the narrative that lockdown has been dreadful for all and that a divorce boom is on its way. It hasn’t and isn’t. While being very aware that some couples have found lockdown extremely tough … Most marriages did well during Lockdown#1 Cohab dads did well BUT cohab mums struggled There will be NO […]

Different pages: Unmarried parents in lockdown

Most cohabiting dads did pretty well during lockdown. Many of their partners did not.  One of the more striking findings from our analysis of relationships during lockdown is the way unmarried mums and dads appear to have experienced it very differently. My colleague Professor Steve McKay and I compared what 386 cohabiting parents said about […]

Why did so many cohabiting mums have relationship problems during lockdown?

Our new research shows that 20% of parent relationships improved, 70% stayed the same, and 10% worsened during lockdown. But cohabiting mums have struggled far more than anybody. Why?  There’s been a huge amount of speculation about what lockdown has done to relationships. The media have talked up a supposed boom in divorce rates. There’s […]