HUNGARY for marriage

Read Harry’s May newsletter here Hungary’s marriage rates have soared 72% in five years since 2014. I interviewed Hungary’s families minister Katalin Novak to find out why. It’s not just financial incentives, she says. It’s public support for marriage. Also in our May newsletter The Sewell Report on racism quite rightly says we should not […]

Why Are Lone-Parent Families Declining in the UK?

This article was first published by Institute for Family Studies Play around with the annual UK survey data on Families and Households released in February by the UK Office for National Statistics, and you find an extraordinary thing: the proportion of lone-parent families in 2020 is now down to levels not seen since the 1990s. What’s happened […]

Lone parent families now at lowest level since 1990s

New figures from the Office for National Statistics present remarkable new evidence that stronger marriages have led to a dramatic reduction in family breakdown over the past decade. As ONS point out, Britain’s households are changing and there are more people cohabiting and more people living alone. However this bland statement of fact misses the […]

Falling divorce rates mean more intact families, new ONS stats show

Falling divorce means more intact families, says Harry Benson, Research Director for Marriage Foundation New ONS Families and Household data for 2019 are released today “Today’s figures provide yet another reminder to politicians of all parties that if they want greater family stability, they must wholeheartedly back marriage and commitment. Despite the well-documented increase in […]

In praise of lone parents

When Marriage Foundation was first launched in 2012, I was invited on to ITV’s This Morning show, whereupon I was ambushed by their agony aunt, the late Denise Robertson. She was fuming as she talked about women she knew who had been divorced against their will. “What do you think it’s going to do to […]