Marriages thriving during lockdown

Don’t believe the narrative that lockdown has been dreadful for all and that a divorce boom is on its way. It hasn’t and isn’t. While being very aware that some couples have found lockdown extremely tough … Most marriages did well during Lockdown#1 Cohab dads did well BUT cohab mums struggled There will be NO […]

Buy ‘Commit or Quit’ direct from Harry: 33-44% off RRP

Read more about Commit or Quit Read what the pros say about Commit or Quit Buy 1-3 copies for £6 each Buy 4 or more copies for £5 each Includes postage, UK offer only. ‘Commit or Quit’, by Harry Benson One copy £6.00 GBP2 copies £12.00 GBP3 copies £18.00 GBP4 copies £20.00 GBP5 copies £25.00 […]

Dad’s ‘Rules for Romance’

Photo Dad and Sizzle (different daughter to the story below!) I was sitting at my desk when one of my daughters came in with a big smile on her face. I swivelled my chair to face her. ‘Dad, guess what?’ she said excitedly. ‘What?’ ‘I’ve got a new boyfriend.’ ‘That’s amazing!’ ‘And guess what? He’s […]

The ‘Two Year Rule’ that ends relationship lockdown

When we are finally released from house arrest and given our freedom back, one group of people can breathe a particular sigh of relief. Couples who have been thrown together for the duration of lockdown have a one-off opportunity to call it a day. For those whose relationship wasn’t turning into happily ever after, the […]

What the pros say about ‘Commit or Quit’

“This book is the new traffic manual. Essential reading for those in their late teens, twenties, and thirties… and their parents!” Foreword by Sir Paul Coleridge, Founder and Chairman Marriage Foundation “So much of the heartbreak and pain experienced by adults and children in our society may be avoided.” Nicky and Sila Lee, Founders of […]

Commit or Quit – The Two Year Rule and Other Rules for Romance

COMMIT OR QUIT – THE TWO YEAR RULE AND OTHER RULES FOR ROMANCE Harry Benson’s new book on cohabiting and commitment Available from Amazon of course or at a discount direct from us … Commit or Quit – The Two Year Rule and Other Rules for Romance 1 copy £6.00 GBP2 copies £12.00 GBP3 copies […]