MF news – November – Divorce down to 1970 levels

Read Harry’s November newsletter here Divorce down to 1970 levels At last a genuine good news story. Using data we commissioned from the Office for National statistics, our latest report tells you everything you ever wanted to know about divorce rates, a surprisingly complicated subject In the first 5 years of marriage, actual divorce rates are down […]

Family Friendly Hungary – READ our newsletter for December

HUNGARY should interest all students of marriage because their marriage rates have soared 89% in the past decade. I went to a conference in Budapest and later met their Families Minister in London to find out how they’ve done it COHABITING COUPLES should not have the same rights as married couples. It will undermine commitment, I argued […]

HUNGARY for marriage

Read Harry’s May newsletter here Hungary’s marriage rates have soared 72% in five years since 2014. I interviewed Hungary’s families minister Katalin Novak to find out why. It’s not just financial incentives, she says. It’s public support for marriage. Also in our May newsletter The Sewell Report on racism quite rightly says we should not […]

Marriages thriving during lockdown

Don’t believe the narrative that lockdown has been dreadful for all and that a divorce boom is on its way. It hasn’t and isn’t. While being very aware that some couples have found lockdown extremely tough … Most marriages did well during Lockdown#1 Cohab dads did well BUT cohab mums struggled There will be NO […]

October news – We need to talk about commitment

Our new research finds that cohabiting mums were by far the group of parents most likely to struggle during lockdown. Why? We say Hooray for MacWeddings. The Law Commission wants to let weddings happen anywhere. We agree. Will you help us back marriage? We are still a strong voice for marriage. But we need your […]

July news – Weddings are back & some thoughts on the future of marriage post-covid

Weddings are back from July 4. But it’s best to think about them as just allowing the minimum legal stuff. The government’s convoluted 3,500 word document illustrates why you can’t have much that resembles a wedding as you know it. So if you want the legal stuff, hooray, you can do it. Just don’t expect […]

Harry’s news for October – Happy Wife Happy Life

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