Optimism renewed: The prospect of a family policy that helps families stay on the ladder?

Some ten years ago, I remember sitting in the audience at a boys club in the east end of London, just feet away from new Tory leader David Cameron as he gave a brilliant note-free inaugural speech. As the world’s press – and I – looked on, he talked passionately of his social justice mission […]

Bleak prospects for teens who never marry, finds The Marriage Foundation

Overall, two thirds of women who get married and have children remain with the father for life. Among women who never marry, just one in ten will avoid splitting from their partner. Far fewer 20 year olds are predicted to marry than the previous generation; only 52 per cent of 20 year olds compared to […]

Up to 1.8 million children endure family breakdown as trend away from marriage intensifies

Over the past 35 years, nearly two million more children have been born into families that are breaking down as a result of the trend away from marriage, Marriage Foundation has found. Since 1980, the proportion of children born to married couples has fallen from 88 per cent to 53 per cent. Over the same […]

Latest Marriage Foundation research widely reported in press

There has been widespread coverage of our latest research in: The Sunday Times The Guardian The Sun The Daily Mail

Marriage inequality between rich and poor soars to all-time high

New data analysed by Marriage Foundation shows an alarming widening of the marriage gap between rich and poor. Marriage Foundation found mothers with young children are four times more likely to be married if they are wealthy than if they are poor. Among mothers with children under five, Marriage Foundation research has found 87 per […]

Quarter of a million couples pretend to live apart

Around a quarter of a million of couples are claiming lone parent benefits, while continuing to reap the benefits of a two-parent household. Over 240,000 couples with children are pretending to live apart to claim lone parent benefits Couples with children are up to £7,100 better off if they are not married and pretend to […]