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Harry’s news for March – Marriage Week is coming 11-17 May – ‘Commit or Quit’ will be out by then

New this month … Marriage Week is coming on 11-17 May this year ‘Commit or Quit’ will also be out by then And in case …

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Harry’s news for February – UK fastest falling divorce in Europe – Britain’s high flyers – Toucan money app – Number 10 Family Policy Unit

Some interesting reads this month: UK has the fastest falling divorce rates in Europe Half of Britain’s highest earners have problems at home that have …

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Harry’s news for January 2020 – The average marriage now lasts 40 years – Enter civil partnerships

A very happy new year and new decade to you! The well-being of the ’20s generation of children will depend greatly on how much their …

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Harry’s news for December – Where are the family policies?

Where are the family policies? Maybe they don’t want to judge. Maybe it’s fear of hypocrisy. Or maybe they assume family dysfunction and breakdown are …

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Harry’s news for November – One earner families

One earner families – after 20 years of social policies, it’s still 90% mum at home and dad at work. Human nature trumps policy? Read …

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Harry’s news for October – Happy Wife Happy Life

Happy Wife Happy Life … Yes, it’s true! Read Harry’s latest newsletter here If you’d like to receive the newsletter direct by email click here

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